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August 23, 2006



Rules of War are here http://www.pagat.com/war/war.html. I loved war as a child but not as an adult. Luckily my mom lived with us and loved to play cards with my daughter.


Thank you! When we do a war, we put three cards face-down, then a fourth card face-up.

Andy and I both grew up in households that played A LOT of cards, so of course our kids do too! I would never choose War as my first choice, but my kids like it. that and Go Fish will have to suffice till they're old enough for poker.


I think we did 3 down, 1 up also.

I came home from work one day to hear "Mom, Gramma and I are playing poker. It's fun." I think my daughter was about 9. :-) They were playing for beans or buttons or something like that. She plays for real money now - in low stakes friendly games of course.

I bless my mom often for keeping me from feeling guilty about not playing cards or board games with my daughter.


My dad taught me and my sisters how to play poker at an early age. I think it's an important life skill.

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