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September 05, 2006



That's quite a list! Good luck on getting that all accomplished.


The one-shot deals (day trips, appointments) should be no problem -- it'll be the gym that gives me trouble. Coincidentally, right after I posted that list, the phone rang and I got a new freelance project! So I can cross that one off the list for now.


IKEA? Wrentham? Sounds like you are coming down my way :)
Be prepared for traffice, regardless - both places often have off-ramp traffic at a standstill.


The work never ends, always to easy to keep busy. My daughter doesn't start school till next year. ....Got get started on that to do list soon here too. I hadn't really thought of pampering myself. Thanks for the ideas, I'll be putting a few of those on mine too.


OMG, is LuxLash for REAL? I wanted to get more info and see if my eyes were decieving me, but the website is far too annoying to look at.

I guess I am just not so hip:) I just go to a regular place (Indulgence DaySpa in Lexington) for my brow waxes. They definitely don't cost hundreds, either :)

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