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October 17, 2006


Anne Glamore

This is a major deal to me, and I was taught that you DO add the "S" EXCEPT to Moses, Jesus, Congress, Isis.

WTF kind of rule is that?


James' opinion on this is that he doesn't like adding the "s" after the apostrophy.

Personal preference. Maybe personal preference has no place in grammar. But if the Supreme Court can't agree, I feel justified in just doing whatever the heck I want. :)


AP says it's "Kansas' dumbass senator" (I'm from Kansas, so I can say that!) and "the walrus's right tusk." Proper nouns don't get the additional S, regular nouns do. I didn't click through to the article to check, but I wonder who was on which side of the debate. Did Sandra Day O'Connor provide the swing vote?

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