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October 21, 2006


Julie Q.

Good point about the time-saving merits of the internet. So if I'm dreaming about being online and typing in my sleep is this a bad sign? I think so.


I'd have to say I disagree with that assessment. I think that it's possible to be addicted to an endorphin high from being online, period - and not just because you like Huffington Report or a few bloggers. Just as it's possible to have addiction to the act of shopping - and exactly what you buy is not important.

(Spoken like a woman who just scored 63. Jeez!)


Got the big bad 39. Whoa.


You're right, Pam, but I don't think this test adequately measures that addiction. A question like "How often does your job performance or productivity suffer because of the Internet?" is good, but a question like "How often do you form new relationships with fellow on-line users?" isn't.

I think that considering solely the amount of time spent online isn't enough -- nor, for that matter, what activities one is forgoing during that time. In other words, if I stay up a little too late playing sudoku or following all my favorite bloggers' blogrolls just for fun, that's not so good. If I stay up too late registering my kid for soccer, ordering 3 parkas and 3 pairs of snowpants from Lands' End, finding a good price on my next book-club book, emailing my kid's teacher about a problem or concern, etc., then I'm actually being efficient and checking things off my to-do list.

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