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October 24, 2006



I prefer this one:



A husband that stumbled into this site.

OMG and I thought man were pigs, being one myself I thought I'd have to comment on your little fantasy film. Oh and are those products real? I think my wife and her friends at work will get a thrill out of it. I thought it was funny, and boy if that was a few girls doing that I'd love it as much as you do. My favorite part, the womans voice,SEXie.. OMG.


Are there such unashamedly sexy ads for mens products these days? I don't watch tv so I don't really know. Oh, wait. There was that jiggly woman in the godaddy.com ad during the superbowl...


The oysters one. And I don't even like oysters!
It's the way he keeps looking to 'camera'.

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