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November 04, 2006



Well maybe I shouldn't vote after all because I couldn't figure out how to get my score to display on my site - I just got the vote/don't vote banner. I'll have to go back and replicate my score to get the whole picture.


I got 100% :)

Debra Hamel

I got 96%, but I'm not sure what question I got wrong. I mean, I can imagine what it might have been, because there were a couple I wasn't certain of, but I don't know the final answers.

Debra Hamel

Duh. I realized there are answers. I think I got Ban-Ki Moon wrong. I know who he is, but he looked Japanese rather than Korean.


He gave me pause for a moment, too, but mostly it's because to me he resembles a young Dali Lama.


I got 96%--I missed Ban-Ki Moon.


I got 53% - mostly because I didn't know a lot of the US politicians (I got Bush, Rice and Rumsfeld) and it suggested I move to France!
BUT what I'm finding hard to believe is that of the people who took this test, more of them recognised Paris Hilton than Queen Elizabeth II.
But maybe that's cos I'm British.
Still, apparently she's more recognisable than Kofi Annan!

Debra Hamel

The inclusion of Paris Hilton et al. was silly, I thought.


I had the same score. I gave Dennis Hastert the wrong job, incorrectly identified Ban Ki-moon as Hideki Matsui the Emporer of Japan and called Nancy Pelosi Barbara Boxer (but I did give her the right job).


Why is the test based solely on recognizing people's faces? I know perfectly well who Tony Snow and Rush Limbaugh are, to pick two examples, but I have no idea what they look like. Other than forked-tongued and fat. I truthfully answered all the questions with "I don't know" when I really didn't know and the test says I should not vote. Because I don't know what Christine Aguilera looks like? I don't get it.


Your point is a good one -- even if you could identify all of them, does that mean you are qualified to vote? Does that mean you understand any of their positions on any issues? Nope, not necessarily.


I got 348 out of 350. I couldn't believe Alec Baldwin had got so chubby - I identified him as a Canadian politician.


I thought i'd be at a terrible disadvantage, being someone who has rejected television completely. How would I know what these people look like? Still, I got every qeustion right. Go figure.

And yes, it's dumb. Just recognizing these people doesn't mean you know anything about their positions or the issues of the day.

And some of these folks aren't political characters in the first place!

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