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November 30, 2006



Wow, this sounds like a bunch of Massholes you encountered. My sympathies.

Anne Glamore

Tis the season!

Loren Deck

I guess it's oddly comforting to know Mass drivers are no different than the self-serving lot that prowl So Cal. Serenity Now!

Debra Hamel

Reminds me of the other day in the school parking lot. I didn't get honked at or even get a dirty look per se. But it was odd. A woman walking with one or two little kids, but at the side such that they wouldn't have gotten hit by anyone anyway. And I'm driving, oh, 5-7 miles per hour. Looking directly at them. And I pull to a complete stop long before I'm anywhere near them. And the woman gives my car a look like there was a close call, like I was just waiting for an opportunity to floor it and run down her kids. Weird.


Gee, you have those kind of drivers too? (smile) I have to laugh sometimes, or I could get really mad.


Being called an asshole by someone who is talking on a cellphone while they are operating a moving vehicle is like being called heartless by a Republican. The whole idea kind of takes my breath away.


I know, and I couldn't help imagining that she was saying to someone on the phone, "And this ASSHOLE almost just hit me!" Maybe if I were indeed an asshole, I'd feel it was justified. Nah.

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