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November 04, 2006



I am North Central - and "mistaken for a Canadian a lot". Good thing - eh?


Eeek...I was reading this in my rss reader and thought it was my friend Alec's blog...so...ummm...just so you know, I read your blog all the time, really enjoy, and am indeed from Canada.



I came up as Boston as well, even though I'm from upstate NY and think I sound distinctly different from most New Englanders. Go figure.


I scored big-time from Philadelphia. That's wierd because was born in Boston, grew up in the suburbs, spent 20+ years away and now live in the Boston area. I did however live in New York City for 6 years and Washington, DC for 4. Perhaps that combination brings me to Philly.


I scored:



the south

the west

north central

My actual history is that I was born and raised to the age of 13 in Los Angeles, California. Since then I have lived here in Wisconsin for 22 years.


I scored "Midland" - southern Indiana and that area. That happens to be where I lived until I was 14. Now I live in Northern California.

Ironically, whenever I go "home" to Indiana and Illinois, my relatives tell me I have an accent!


I'm all west....born there, raised there and still live there. The description made it sound like my accent is non-existent and rather boring. Oh well. We have better mountains.


This is right on. According to the quiz I'm North Central and get mistaken for a Canadian. I'm actually Canadian posing as a Minnesotan.


Despite the fact I've spent 85% of my life in New England, I somehow came up as Midland (PA, southern OH, southern IN, southern IL and MO). Go figure.

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