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November 30, 2006



According to the internets tubes there is an artist/group named Doves with a song about Karen:

Say you've found your soulmate
Well what did he do before
You say you've found your precious
Here's a gift thats been brought to your door
You say that I'll always be special
Tell me now what does that mean

Fear I've been cast as a villian
Tell me now how could that be?
How can you be so mean?
How can you be so mean?


And then there's Karen By Night,by Jill Sobule.


I love that Cake song!


A Swedish group, "Club 8", on their album "The Friend I once had"(1998) has a song (track 11) called "KAREN". karolina Komstedt seems to have had, or has a best friend whose name is Karen. The "Karen thread" seems to run through this album and one or two other albums. "SPRING CAME, RAIN FELL" also mentions this "Karen" in "Karen Song". I don't know exactly who this "Karen" is, but she seems to be important to Karolina Komstedt and/or Johan Angergard, the co-founders of CLUB 8.

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