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November 21, 2006



great new book choice


I'm the only one I've ever talked to who thinks so, but I'm not much of an Anita Diamant fan....I think she writes like a man and doesn't have much of an original voice....but I've only read the Red Tent...maybe her other book(s?) are better.


she writes like a man

Such harsh criticism! :)


I don't know what you mean "like a man," but her writing certainly didn't knock me out in this book by any means. I liked "The Red Tent," but again -- it wasn't her writing that made me like it! I enjoyed the story.

Marcia Conner

Fan or not of Anita Diamant's fiction, please consider reading her autobiographical essays (originally written as news columns) in Pitching Her Tent. I wasn't gaga over either Dogtown or Good Harbor, but truly loved hearing her voice on topics dear to her heart.


That's how I first knew of her -- many of those pieces appeared in the Boston Globe first! She's a local gal.

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