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December 08, 2006



How did I overlook that article?? I've got to try it. Thanks!


Hi, Pin!
Tried your recipe for dinner tonight. Was yummy. Tony had three servings. I substituted white wine vinegar for the sherry vinegar 'cuz that's what I had in the house. I also used regular bacon...yup, you guessed it - 'cuz that's what I had in the house. I aslo used long grain rice (the type Tony buys to make Mexican dishes) - and it really came out great. It's Mahatma brand, and the texture was fine. Thank you! Don't get to log onto your blog as often as I used to...I'll have to catch up! Thanks for posting this recipe! I have lots to talk to you about. Hope to hear from you soon.


Forgot to tell you...I LOVE the way you have the words "divided use" after the ingredients that have a divided use. I have made the mistake of adding the whole amount of something, only to realize three steps later that some was to be reserved. Wish everyone thought to say "divided use".


Hmmm...I may have to add bacon to my recipe. I use my pressure cooker to make mine...quick and easy and recipe supplied by a second generation Cuban American!!!


Oh...and my recipe calls for a jar of pimientos instead of the red pepper. I always use yellow rice with mine...brand name Vigo, saffron yellow rice. Which in looking up the product name on my pantry shelves, I notice I have three bags of (oh the ending of sentences with prepositions...does it indicate early senility of the I-don't-give-a-rat's-ass attitude that is incumbent on those of us who have reached the age of 45?)...so I best get cooking!

H. B.

I made this last night - I omitted the bacon (pork allergy & picky eater combined!) and instead used 1/4 tsp spicy smoked paprika and 1 tsp sweet hungarian paprika, subbed rice vinegar & a smidge of Balsamic vinegar for sherry, added celery and saffron and at the end garnished with scallions, cilantro and sliced kalmata olives. Fabuloso! Seriously, my picky eater LOVED the rice, and my other picky eater snubbed the rice and went right for the chicken! I completely omitted the olive oil & red bell peppers @ the end with the chicken and it was still completely delish - a great add for my gluten free/dairy free/egg free (among others) kitchen! Awesome thanks for sharing...http://www.kidswithfoodallergies.org


Thanks for posting this. I have the magazine at home and love this recipe. I've made it for guests on several occasions and always get rave reviews.

Anyway, I'm supposed to be making it this weekend and just remembered I need to pick up ingredients on the way home today.

So, again, thanks for posting the recipe.

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