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December 17, 2006


Debra Hamel

God, that was difficult. I mean the calendar. I just spent a good half hour making one and had to cheat at the end by putting tape on the outside. And you do this every year? I don't think I'll have the energy to do it again for another few years at least.


But aren't you pleased with the result? ;-) I use a glue stick, and yes, the last few tabs are tricky to fold in. I end up sticking a pin in and kind of mashing the gluey tab to the opposite side. But then again, I love paper craft.

Debra Hamel

All this time I've been answering your comments off-blog because I assumed they were emailed.... But I guess the email gets sent automatically?

Anyway, the dodecahedron sits before me now, expecting nothing. It's pretty cool.


Take a look at this calendar, her food photography is beautiful



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