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December 16, 2006



wow, so interesting that you wrote this post and that i just happened upon it. i was just surfing blogs off of other people's links lists, and i saw several blogs that hadn't been updated in months. at the last one, i thought, "jesus, what? did she die or something?" also, i used to read this blog called "liberals in exile" and the author has some kind of strange heart ailment, and at the end of november she wrote and told us her health was bad and she'd be taking a break while they tried a more aggressive type of therapy that would leave her very tired. so, i've been checking back every so often since then: still nothing. and again i am left to wonder, "what? did she die or something?" which is morbid. if i had anybody in my life worth dragging in, i think i'd leave some kind of last will instructions for my poor blog, just so people would know. you know?

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