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December 27, 2006


liz krengel

You need to see The Talented Mr. Ripley again and again if you don't get it. But Matt Damon is even better in that! L.


Yes, I had no time for Jude Law in that -- Matt Damon was terrific! Jude Law just has too much of a mannequin look to me. But I did warm to him more in these last two flicks.


wait until you see jude in the holiday. he's perfect. he can't help it if he's one beautiful sexy guy but don't let that distract you from the fact that he is a truly fine actor.he's done over 20 films and his range is amazing.


Loved Huckabees, hated Alfie. Of course, I saw Alfie in Paris. I saw Closer that same rainy day. Jude Law again. Now THAT was a depressing movie. Bad movie day I guess.

When I am there for months at a time, I sometimes just crave movies and books in English so I don't have to think so hard. LOL.


Oh, did I ever hate Closer! I forgot Jude Law was in that one.


I liked him in Cold Mountain. Did you see that one? Do you think that he and Nicole Kidman really did it in that lusty scene?

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