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December 24, 2006



My husband is the exact same way. He has spatial ability like nobody I've ever known before. I admire his talent, but because I have NO (that's ZERO) spatial ability, I've never enjoyed jigsaw puzzles. They make me nuts and I tend to feel extremely inept. So, he does jigsaw puzzles while I play computer adventure games. (And sometimes on those, I need his help!)


I too am completely lost when it comes to spatial sense. If I'm standing in my own house, it takes me a while to figure out which room is above or below me. I frequently get lost when driving, causing Andy to look at me funny and say, "How can you be SO smart and NEVER know where you are????"


I used to work with a guy who had that same crazy, innate sense. We traveled a lot and you could put Charlie down in a completely new city, get in the rental car and he could find his way to the hotel or customer unerringly. In fact, he could tell you which direction we were driving at any given moment. Stunning.


I hate to say this, but I'm starting to suspect that it might be a Y-chromosome thing. I know MANY men who are like Andy (although maybe not THAT adept) and MANY women who are like me (although maybe not THAT inept) -- but hardly any the other way 'round.


For fun, have him try doing the puzzle from the reverse side (no picture.) I bet he's almost as fast as with the picture. I love doing puzzles, but it's a cycle I go through and a 'muscle' in my brain that has to have been getting a regular workout to get in the groove. Does he have a system for setting up when he firsts starts a puzzle?


I'm quite male, chromasomally and otherwise, and yet I struggle with directions constantly. I'm fond of saying that I understand local geography like Picasso must have understood faces.

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