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December 12, 2006



The shower thing? I'm starting to see the utility of waking up on a Saturday and just not worrying about a shower until later in the day. Like dinner time in some cases. This doesn't work if I'm running or working out during the day, but if it's just normal activities? It can work. Brush your teeth and put on a hat. You're all set for a while.


Ah, Saturday. And Sunday. The L-O-N-G shower. Andy gets up early 'cause he needs his java; he feeds the kids, and I get to stay in bed and then steam up the bathroom for as long as I want. Ahhhhhh


On the weekend I often skip a shower, but never when I'm around 150 teenagers. Life is too short. I always know which Beatle is singing, and I do understand football since two of my younger brothers played.

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