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January 08, 2007



Wow, somehow I had the idea that you guys watched way, way, waaaaaay more movies than we do...and you have kids!! Our rental count for 2006 is 69...we have Blockbuster and since there is a store on the way to the gym, we have been swapping our returns for movies there, too. Blockbuster definitely has fewer of the foreign, independent, art type films, but since there are 168 movies in our queue now, we are in no grave danger of running out for a while :)


Are you sure you're not using Cliff Notes for the book group? When do you breathe? I must be the world's worst waster of time. I should shadow you one day to see HOW YOU DO IT. The only DVD I watched in December was Young Frankenstein (Mel Brooks.) But I have seen it over 50 times in my life (since I was 14) and know all the funny lines. We have yet to watch any in January.

Dawney Spencer

Oh, DEAR... I lead a boring life. I rented two, and they weren't really rented--they were my brother's and let me borrow them.

Johnny Depp movies, of course.

I bought two DVDs. Of course, Johnny Depp movies--Pirates 1 and 2. I never saw Pirates 1 until Pirates 2 was already in the "dollar theatre."

I actually had never heard of it until then.


I'm so out of cultural touch.

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