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January 04, 2007



"Better sleep with a drunken cannibal than a sober Christian," makes more sense to me.


Either works -- cannibal trumps Christian every time!

Rebecca Miller

What a blast! Thanks, Karen. I think I've slept with a few drunken cannibals, but I can't remember.

Anne Glamore

Am I a geek if I confess I loved Moby Dick?
Lots of whaling info, but a good story.


If you're a geek, then so am I. Senior year in high school I had an amazing teacher who somehow managed to make a roomful of 18-year-olds LOVE Moby Dick. What a gift!

Captain Peleg

Bring your kids next year. People do take their kids out of school for this.

I've been to all but one of the 11 years of Moby Dick Marathons (missed in 2000 with a really bad flu) and love love love being with others of my kind. There are more Moby Dick lovers out there than one could ever guess. And all those folks who pretend to hate it? They secretly love it too.

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