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January 12, 2007



Do not argue with the ubiquity of Loudon!! Number 8 on your list makes me smile big... for whatever reason, as a guitarist, that simple chord progression puts me at ease.


I'm sure you've heard this explanation before, Karen, but random does not mean equally distributed. In fact, equally distributed (which is what we kind of expect when we think of the term "random") is exactly what random is not. Doesn't change the fact that we often, even if we LOVE Loudon Wainwright, don't want to hear 3 songs by the same artist so close together.


Ah...."Spanish Bombs". I'm going to dig out my vinyl copy of "London Calling" RIGHT NOW! Some songs lose something as an MP3 file. I need the snap, crack, pop of of the needle in the grooves.


I don't have a single one of those on my iPod...I do have some John Prine because Tracy Thompson (http://maternallychallenged.typepad.com/maternally_challenged/) told me that he rules, but not the one on your list.

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