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January 19, 2007


Anne Glamore

There's a free photo-editing program called GIMP you can download. Of course, the book I had to buy to figure out how to use it is pricy, but cheaper than photoshop. I think there are articles about Gimp vs. Photoshop dloating around the blogosphere.


To even use Gimp you'll have to install the X-11 windowing system. Not rocket science, but not nothing either. And then you'll be aghast at how awful it looks. If you get past that you may find it a pretty powerful program. Unfortunately it makes few inroads in professional shops due to it's lack of critical functionality such as the ability to work in the CMYK colorspace - vital for anything that ends up in the print world.

I say get Photoshop Elements. Better yet, get it bundled with a camera or a scanner. Guys I know who use photoshop for a living swear that they could use Elements 90% of the time with no lack of functionality. Alternately, you could buy an out of date but still really powerful version of photoshop on ebay or something. It's an idea.


It's not really the same thing, but I thought you might be interested to see this comparison of online editors. I know you've used snipshot before.


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