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January 26, 2007



The funniest case of mistaken identity in my life was when I was at the renaissance fair with my (now ex) wife and two other couples. Long story short, I absently placed my hand squarely on one of the other women's rear ends. Hilarity ensues.


I haven't mistaken anyone for someone else, but I get mistaken for OTHERS all the time! It used to irritate me.

Do I LOOK like everyone else?

Well, come to find out, yes. Now, THAT's a blow to a girl's ego. I have a VERY COMMON face--no distinguishing features. Normal mouth--not thin and snarly, not full and luscious. Just normal. Ditto with every single feature I have!!!

Then, one day it occurred to me. I have the perfect "face for crime."

Officer: Describe her.
Victim: No distinguishing features.
O: Big nose? Little nose? Round nose?
V: No, nothing like that, just a normal nose.
O: Anything special about her eyes?
V: No, just normal eyes.
O: What about her hair?
V: Brown. No highlights or anything. Just plain brown.
O: What about her height?
V: Average.

This is the reason I get mistaken for others. I look like whoever it is, until they get up close, and oh, yes, the nose is different--but they SWEAR I could be "her twin" in every other way.

And so on. I could visually impersonate just about every female celeb with just a little bit of makeup and hair change. OK, and maybe a few male celebs, too. LOL!

I'm in the wrong business!


Scott, you're lucky fisticuffs didn't ensue!


Dawney, ever thought of a career as a stunt double?

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