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January 11, 2007



Do people actually say "I feel badly?" I don't think I've ever encountered that. Or I mentally edited it out.

I wonder what else I'm editing out!


What helps is that feel is a state of being verb not and action verb. Action verbs have adverbs to describe them and state of being verbs have adjectives because the modifiers is pointing back to the subject. You wouldn't say "I am badly" either. On the other hand, maybe some people think feeling is an action like jumping or swimming. :-)


Oops...I meant to say "What helps to keep it straight is remembering that." I should preview my comments!


Surprisingly there are a couple riffs on "bad" and "badly" in the movie Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang...which is an excellent, underrated movie.


Over here in the land of *proper* English (I keed!) a lot of people use the word "badly" incorrectly too, for example:

"I need to get my hair cut badly."

Why? Do you like sporting a bad haircut?

Repeat after me,

"I badly need to get my hair cut."


"Friends, unless you have nerve damage in your fingertips, you feel bad, not badly."

hahaha. I hope you don't run across someone with nerve damage in their fingertips after they say, "I feel badly." you might end up correcting them, which would make for an extremely awkward moment.

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