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January 09, 2007



Hi Karen,

I've been lurking for a while now. I found you though Aces Full of Links and enjoy your blog a lot. I've almost commmented a number of times but dislike giving out my email (which your comments require) but since your asked so nicely.


I love that you always write back to comments though it makes me feel guilty I don't do the same. And B.O.B. I felt the same about leaving my email but Karen never spams me. :-)


Hi Karen! Been lurking forever - thanks for the nudge. I especially love your recipe posts...

Jen Rodis

I'm a daily reader, and I found you through Susan. I, too, like that you respond to every comment.

I love your posts about your Meanest Mommy in the World moments.


Is there a computer-term for "lurker?" Do I lurk? Am I a lurker? I have a feeling I'm not because I do comment from time to time. Your blog is the only adult blog I find interesting. I check out (sometimes lurking, I suppose) many blogs of ill children. Maybe I need to check out more cheery blogs.

Another Susan

I have lurked for a while. I found you through a Google search of some kid-related illness. You were a nice break from WebMD!


I can't remember how I came across your blog, but it's been about 2 years now and read it daily. A few days ago you said someone likened you to Erma Bombeck. I agree...you have an honesty and humor that come through in your writing.


I first started reading you because I admired your links. Heh-heh.

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