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January 30, 2007


Debra Hamel

Hey! I just blogged my response at the deblog.


July 2000. I ordered a CD: Dionne Warwick Sings Burt Bacharach and a video: The Slipper and The Rose, starring Richard Chamberlain, a Cinderella story from about 1975-76, and released on video slightly before Chamberlain came out (like we didn't already know - duh!), the latter as a joke gift for my best friend, who was shattered by his subsequent revelations. I don't buy that much from Amazon, in my clearly futile quest to keep my neighborhood bookstore and video rental place in business.


Oh, that Leach book was my bible. I loved it. It got me through those early months. I wish she had a version for older kids.


March 12, 1997. I orderd Anne Lamott's Bird by Bird and Southern Living Cook Ahead Cookbook. Wouldn't you know...a cookbook. I love Anne Lamott.


I just recently wrote about this too, the actual date was Jan 23, 1997: http://www.flummel.com/ee/index.php/weblog/i_feel_like_a_pioneer_or_maybe_a_neanderthal/


I made a mistake in the above entry...it was Mar. 23, 2007.


I love Anne Lamott too! But my Amazon thing won't go back to before 2006 and I know I've been ordering much longer than that. Help!


Mine was June 29, 1998...it was "Pie Every Day: Recipes and Slices of Life" by Pat Willard. I still have it and love it. The Blueberry Whipped Cream Pie is to die for.

I wasn't too active on Amazon those first two years...I was using half.com a lot before I got burned by sellers who kept cancelling and marking up items. Nowadays I use amazon so much I have the free shipping option.

Me again

March 29, 1997, for:

The Chicago Manual of Style/the Essential Guide for Writers, Editors, and Publishers (14th Edition)

The Art of Indexing (Wiley Technical Communication Library)

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