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January 06, 2007



The answer is 6, not 3 as you might have guessed. If you started off by saying, "So, that means that 1 typist can type 1 page in 1 minute," you're already off on the wrong track. At the end of 2 minutes, the 2 typists have produced 2 pages, so it took 2 minutes for each of the typists to do their respective page. In other words, 1 typist can type 1 page in 2 minutes. Thus 1 typist can type 3 pages in 6 minutes, so you'd need 6 typists to do 18 pages in 6 minutes. Clear as mud, eh?


Rats, I got 3 also.

Debra Hamel

I got four wrong, numbers 15 and 19, which were the unscramble word ones and which I just didn't answer because I couldn't think of them. Also number 3 (the thing about time), which confused me and, stupidly, number 6, which was the thing about how many 7's there are. That one was just careless on my part.


@Karen you're right. It'll take 6 typists to type 18 pages in 6 minutes.
one gets confused with the style of asking the question. it's not 3.

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