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January 29, 2007



Big Lies in Your Pants in Your Pants
The Perfect Cup in Your Pants
Angels & Demons in Your Pants
Dancing Barefoot in Your Pants
Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell in Your Pants


Special Topics in Calamity Physics in Your Pants

The Accidental Tourist in Your Pants

Eat the Document in Your Pants

Everyman in Your Pants


That's like when you read a fortune from a fortune cookie? Always add "in bed" at the end. Once you know this, you'll never look at a fortune cookie the same way ever again.


Jaws in Your Pants
Watership Down in Your Pants
Beloved in Your Pants

and, of course,
Moby Dick in Your Pants


Jane Eyre in Your Pants (That one was too easy.)
Waiting for Godot in Your Pants
The Shadow of the Wind in Your Pants
Big Trouble in Your Pants
Moral Disorder in Your Pants
Some Great Thing in Your Pants
The Long Secret in Your Pants
The 2 1/2 Pillars of Wisdom in Your Pants (Oh my!)


That reminds me of a game to play at a Chinese restaurant with a group of friends:
At the end of the meal (after a drink or two, perhaps?), everyone opens their fortune cookies and reads them aloud - but adds "in bed" to the end.
Now, doesn't your game look a little more sophisticated? >G<


I have been keeping a book journal for ten years, so I have approximately 775 titles to go through. Thanks for providing me with this diversion...here are just a few:
Necessary Madness in your pants
Water Witches in your pants
The Bone Collector in your pants (eeeuuuuwww!)
The Persian Pickle Club in your pants (double eeeuuuwww!)
A Fine Balance in your pants
Truth & Beauty in your pants
The Perfect Mile in your pants (hmmmmm....)

I wonder if it would be good if we used "in your knickers" for British books like:

Pride & Prejudice in your knickers.
Wuthering Heights in your knickers.


I just finished reading All the Pretty Horses (in your pants). But then, what wouldn't sound pretty funny appended by "in your pants?"


On Beauty in your pants
Little Men in your pants
Eragon in your pants
Don't Sweat the Small Stuff in your pants
What to Expect When You're Expecting in your pants
How to Peel a Peach in your pants
The Joy of Cooking in your pants

okay, i have to stop now. the self-help and cookbooks are sending me over the edge.

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