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January 21, 2007



That reference to Walter Mosely's book is wrong, as that book came out in the 1990s. Check out wikipedia for a better explanation.

Chris Kramer

There is a roller derby skater in Australia that goes by the name Betty BamALam. She might have a mean right.

Howard Dahlberg

I have heard that "betty bamalam" was the name given to the whip used on chain gangs in days gone by: a painful and persuasive tool for exacting punishment and submission.

alan threadgould

Henry's Hammer probaly refers to Henry Cooper whose left hook that almost beat Muhammad Ali... saved by the bell


Henry's hammer is a reference to John Henry. The song is about a large black champion boxer, Sonny Liston. John Henry, the folk legendary steel driving mining man, whose right arm was said to be able to lift and drive a 9 lb sledge hammer into a coal seam single handedly. One strong arm. Betty Bamalam reference IS about the roller derby gal.

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