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January 10, 2007



Add to that $16M all that money spent above/under the card amount. If it's a store you don't usually go to, you're going to either spend a little over the card out of your wallet or spend a little under the card and never use what's left on it. Either way, the store wins.


I can't imagine not using a gift card. I actually just had a strange find. I was clearing out a closet yesterday and found a bag of cards from my wedding five years ago. In going through the cards and throwing some away, I found a wedding gift of a gift card! Although it is to Wal-mart, still it was like finding $25 in an old jacket pocket.

Anne Glamore

I read that, too. My only thought is that maybe they get lost and tossed out in the wrapping paper mess by careless gift receivers.


Often, they are for small amounts that I have to add $ to in order to buy something. Thankfully, my family buys the ones at the places I REALLY frequent--Cracker Barrel and Walmart. Ha!

I mean, $20 or $25 at Bed, Bath, and Beyond or some other place just isn't going to buy me too much of anything I want or need.


Yeah, I can imagine how people would forget to use a gift card. But it makes me really mad to see how much of a bonus retailers make on unused gift cards - for no work! I will find any I got over Xmas and redeem them ASAP. Hey, if I don't specifically need their wares, I can at least buy presents for other people!

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