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January 20, 2007



I like Chopin and I've also had good experiences with Ketel One. I want to try Solichnaya next. I've never tried any flavored vodka.


I can't recall if I've had Chopin. I'm one of the few people who isn't nuts about Ketel One and Grey Goose. I like Stoli very much. But I just love Absolut citron; that is my drink of choice.

Max Smith

I would suggest Ikon True Russian Vodka . It has a smooth flavor and is full bodied, won't burn on the way down and doesn't make a dent in your wallet. Damn Good vodka since 1862.

Bobby G

How can you say that Absolut is horrible? You say that Citron is near perfect. Both are made from the exact same recipe. Maybe you need to learn how to taste and evaluate a spirit so you know what you are talking about.


I used to drink Absolut years ago, and I loved it. I truly believe they changed the recipe some time ago, because now I find it undrinkable. Are you sure that the citron version uses the same stuff to start with?

No, I guess I don't know the "proper way" to taste and evaluate a spirit, but I do know what I like.


I don't know if you can get it in your part of the country, but my favorite vodka is an artisanal one made in Oregon by Bendistillery called Crater Lake Vodka. It's the micro-brew of vodkas, and is fabulous.

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