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January 25, 2007



You need to stay on top of this meme - it's catching on.




Prince of Hailing

Prince of Hailing (海陵王) (480-494), personal name Xiao Zhaowen (蕭昭文), courtesy name Jishang (季尚), was an emperor of the Chinese dynasty Southern Qi. He is known as the Prince of Hailing because that was the title he was demoted to after he was deposed by his granduncle Xiao Luan in 494. (Xiao Luan had made him emperor earlier in 494 after assassinating his brother Prince of Yulin (Xiao Zhaoye).) After Xiao Luan deposed him and assumed the throne himself, he had Xiao Zhaowen poisoned.

Things sure sounded rough in the royal household.

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