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January 17, 2007




Pierre Faubert

Pierre Faubert (1806 - 31 July 1868) was a Haitian poet and playwright. Faubert was born in Cayes to a general of the Haitian Revolution. Educated in France, Faubert returned to Haiti and served as Secretary to President Jean Pierre Boyer. Faubert later was chosen by President Fabre Geffrard to negotiate the concordat between Haiti and the Pope. As a writer, two of Faubert's most notable works were a collection of poems entitled Poésies Fugitives and a drama entitled Ogé ou le Préjugé de Couleur. He died at Vanves, near Paris, France.

Now, I'm off to see if I can find any of his work....


Just ask your local luthier about warping wood... a sure way to see a grown person cry!

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