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January 31, 2007



Whoa, whoa, whoa. Nowhere in the rules does it say it has to be your first random article. If that were the case, all mine would be either European soccer players or video game characters.


What? No stubs?



Semi-Monde is a play written by Noel Coward in 1926, but not produced until 1977. Set in the lobby, restaurants, and bar of an up-scale Paris hotel, the play follows the lives of a variety of socialites over a three year period from 1924 to 1926. It is remarkable among its contemporaries due to its prominent sexuality and homosexuality. This, however, is but the facade of Coward's exploration of the disconnected monotony of the lives of the elite.

The play was first produced in 1977 by the Glasgow Citizen's theatre. It has been produced only once since, in 2001 by the Lyric Theatre of London. No further professional performances are known of; the only other production recorded is a current production by Arts Canterbury in Ottawa

I'd like to see it...but if it only shows up once every 24 years, I've got a wait ahead of me.

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