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February 21, 2007



I agree! Also agree about the Nicholson thing. He's too old to be running around as much as his character does - and he's not one bit Irish. But the movie was just great.


We watched this last Friday; it was definitely the best movie I've seen in quite awhile

Totally agree with yoiu on DiCaprio. He finally looks like an adult instead of a teenage boy, so maybe that's why I found him more appealing. I will say that I loved him in "What's Eating Gilbert Grape". Juliette Lewis is the only flaw in an otherwise perfect movie...I highly recommend it if you haven't seen it.

I really hope MS gets Best Pic and Best Director.


This is really funny, because for a second I thought you mentioned What's Eating Gilbert Grape without mentioning Johnny Depp..... ;-) (For the record, I can't stand Juliette Lewis in anything.)


She always looks dirty, doesn't she ? ;)

Johnny Depp..well okay, he looked pretty tasty in that flick. I haven't (GASP) seen the Pirates of the Caribbean films so I can't comment on them. Did love him in "Blow."

LOL, can you tell I used to manage a Blockbuster, back in the day?


I'm having the hardest time convincing my husband that DiCaprio is actually a decent actor - especially since they quit putting him in the "cute young man" roles. Have you seen Blood Diamond yet? It's on my list of "to-be-seens" too.


This was by far the meatiest role he ever took on -- and he proved himself worthy of it. I too had thought of him as just another "pretty boy," but this changed all that. If your husband likes Scorsese crime movies , believe me, he'll enjoy DiCaprio's performance. Andy was VERY impressed with him (and had previously thought of him only as "that guy from 'Titanic'").

We saw a preview for "Blood Diamond" before "The Departed" and I added it to my Netflix queue.


Few things are more painful than a badly-done Boston accent. I still have nightmares about Laurence Fishburne in "Mystic River"

That being said, I thought most of the "Departed" cast aquitted themselves reasonably well... except for the psychiatrist/love interest, whose scattershot approach to the accent recalled Kevin Costner in "Robin Hood." Ouch.


The WORST of all time was Tom Hanks in "Catch Me If You Can." And he didn't even need to try the accent -- it didn't have to be Boston for the plot. Oh, the pain, the pain.


The all-time, take-the-cake, worst Boston accent for me is Laura Linney as Sean Penn's wife in "Mystic River". It is truly painful every time she opens her mouth.

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