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February 22, 2007



ONLY bone-in chops? Really? Not that I don't like them (I do, a lot), but what really gets me going is a nice pork roast with sauerkraut (mm-mm) and mashed potatoes. In the summer, I barbecue ribs, and sometimes I make char siu, too. Pigs are noble animals.

Your 5-hour duck was very good, by the way, although mine should probably have been a 4.5-hour duck -- the wings were, um, a little on the dessicated side. Well, it was my first roast duck, so I'll profit by the experience.

I am stunned to learn that you don't like so many wonderful food items: mustard, cilantro, coffee!? What else? (I suppose it's probably searchable). Don't tell me --sauerkraut?!


Oh, I didn't mean that's the only way I eat pig -- we LOVE ribs, and bacon, and all that. I just meant plain ol' pork.

Nope, no sauerkraut. Sorry. Can we still be friends?


DH won't eat mustard (or mayo). I have occasionally snuck in small amounts of dry mustard without it being detected.

This looks tasty; I will have to try it with rice, since we have a couple of non-wheat eaters here. Whole pork loins go on sale often here and I have yet to find a recipe that we really love using it in a big chunk.

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