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February 06, 2007



Wow, you're apparently not the only one who likes this thing.


I have a very slow bathroom drain right now, too... hmm.


You don't need no stinkin' C02...get a Master Plunger! http://www.gtwaterproducts.com/


My coworker and I (working for an engineering firm) had a field trip to a wastewater treatment plant. (Lots more interesting than you would think). The Drano, etc. thing was very prominent (negatively) in our public outreach person's presentation, and it really made an impact on me. I'd never found a plunger-type-thing that worked decently in those dire instances, and have had to resort to the $#&*+! chemical products. We tend to think that on sewer, anything goes. Well, it does (go), and it has to be dealt with, and it's not a good thing at all. So I'm glad to hear of a positive alternative.


Being a part time landlord and fixer upper guy,I've unclogged many a slow draining bathroom sink.Almost always the clog is a hairball tangled onto the pop up stopper.Sometimes they are plunge-able,but I do best when I take the stopper out and remove the large,gross hair and sludge- ball.The power plunger sounds kind of cool though.

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