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February 09, 2007



I really liked Vera Drake too. Haven't seen The Illusionist but love Ed Norton and will put it in my queue.


Re: Ocean's Twelve... does one have to tolerate Don Cheadle's HORRID accent again?


I saw the Illusionist with my dad. We liked it okay, but I thought it was rather predictable as you pointed out. King Kong I liked better than you did. It certainly was too long and took a while to get going, but I forgave it and gave it a B- in the end.

Carol K

We saw the Illusionist and it was great. I was surprised at the end.

But if you want to see another really great movie that recently came out, then you have to get "The Guardian." It's about the coastguard and Kevin Cosner stars in it. It's a must see!


"The Illusionist" was a huge disappointment to me. Lame, lame, lame and utterly predictable.

Carol K

Even though some may consider it lame, I thought it was rather romantic, and I like the timeframe for the movie.

Anything "late 1800's or early 1900's" has me glued to the screen. I'm a history buff I guess, I found myself looking more around what was in the room they were in, than what was going on.

I saw they are coming out with another "magic" movie soon, but it seems scarier, and gee, I just can't remember the name offhand right now.

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