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March 20, 2007



Shiver! Wax it already, lady!


Scott -- a towel would be an easier, much less painful solution.

Locker rooms are weird places. There was a gal at the Y pool here who tended to stride around naked a lot, which was disturbing because she was v. large-breasted and had pierced nipples with these hoop rings with dangling charms hanging down. And, like your gal, she was was not otherwise alluring -- mildly pudgy and middle-aged. I am not unduly shy about nudity, but it was way too much information, and I hated it when my time at the gym overlapped hers.


I was only assuming that the job was too big for the towel solution. If that's the case, I stand by my suggestion. :)


I cancelled my gym subscription when I realised I was paying to make myself unhappy.

I think that changing room alone would be enough to make me quit!


Thanks to your "10 minutes" observation, I just snarfed up diet coke. Very painful.


Obnoxious use of communal grooming products aside, do we really have to slam on pudgy middle-aged women who don't have perfect bodies?


PS Yes, I'm pudgy and middle-aged, thank you very much.


I don't think she meant it as a slam, just that if someone's going to be strutting around naked, it would be nice if she were hot.


I avoid the locker room at my gym, or any gym for that matter. Ewww. Not so much the etiquette but the cooties- no matter how "clean" it looks, hundreds of people use it everyday. Again, ewwww.

It is 5 minutes from home so I change at home on both ends -into and out of my gym clothes AND I shower in my own shower :)


It IS skeevy to think about, but I can't stand getting into my parka all sweaty, or in the summer getting into my car all sweaty. I avoid touching all surfaces there, though. Flip-flops are de rigueur.


Thanks for springing to my defense -- And Janeen, I am not pudgy-bashing, and I am starting down that middle-aged road myself (sure beats the alternative), but those rings with little charms were hard to take. The locker room was also full of other pudgy middle-aged gals with whom I had no beef at all. I dunno, seems like "flaws" I completely overlook in my pals are less excusable when displayed by people I'm not crazy about. Like how lots of Republicans are all busy overlooking Rudy Giuliani's infidelities when they went ape-sh*t over Bill Clinton's.


Glad to have missed that! I do prefer to shower at home and avoid the locker room thing altogether.


I'm a gym rat and there is always an exhibitionist among the masses. There's a woman (middle aged, in perfectly fine shape) who insists on bending over stark naked with her knees straight as an arrow. If I'm not prepared and I'm unfortunately behind her, I have to stifle a scream every time. Too much information! At least warn me and the others. Attention ladies...in 2 minutes...


Back about ten years ago at about the age of 13 I went swimming at the YWCA in my part of town and when I got in the pool I saw my bestfriends mother swimming there in the pool.

We wound up swimming and talking at the same time. When the session was over we both went into the women's locker room, and as soon as we got in there my friends mother took off her bathingsuit and hung it on a hook near the shower room. She then walked nude to her locker, and I went to shower off with my bathingsuit still on in the open shower room. A minute later my friends mother came walking back into the shower room still totally nude and carying her bottles of bodywash and shampoo. The showers in that locker room are on polls with 4 shower heads on each poll. She picked the shower head that was facing mine so we could keep talking.

Anyway, she was totally nude the whole time and facing me from about 4 feet away and talking up a storm. Now please don't get the wrong idea, I'm not a lesbian, but she was, or maybe still is, a beautiful blonde with large breasts. She strongly resembled that actress Courtney Thorne-Smith from that According To Jim show. I think I would have been a little more comfortable if she was fat or out of shape in some way? But I felt like I had a Playboy Playmate standing there nude talking to me.

Anyway, your article reminded me of that, I hadn't thought about that in several years.

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