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March 26, 2007



That's a great article, and I *completely* get what she's saying. I too have a thing for Ira (I bet he wonders where we all were in high school), although I didn't feel quasi-betrayed when I learned he was married. And I also have a *big* thing for Terry (who I never thought was probably a lesbian, but who I *do* think has the best job in America). And a lesser thing for Bob Edwards and Roy Blount Jr. and Peter Sagal and . . . the list is long.


Don't get too jealous, but I work right next door to WHYY (as in "From WHYY in Philadelphia, this is..." well, you know the rest). I see Terry Gross every once in a while on my walk from the train to work (she looks about four feet tall) but she's not one of the 'HYY people who come over to our cafeteria for lunch (I've rode the elevator with some of them, but they're all from local shows).


I do NOT even want to know what Ira Glass looks like because I listen to This American Life on the treadmill with my iPod and feel like Ira is in my ear, touching my inner being. OK, maybe I want to look...no...I can't. But I do have a major voice crush on him!


Just read the article...that is GREAT!!! Do I need to bookmark that site and check it every day or do you promise to post links to anything on there that might interest me? I really would prefer the latter!


My personal NPR fantasies are decidedly less risque. I would love to have Daniel Schorr as a grandparent.

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