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March 30, 2007



I'm not so sure I'd want my cleaning lady futzing around with my chonks. That's borderline creepy! Heh!


That is kind of strange. Are you sure it wasn't Julie??


Ummm... fired. 'nuff said.


Explain to me why you can't say anything or fire her?

Also explain to me why it doesn't CREEP YOU OUT that a stranger hired to wipe down your countertops was fondling your lingerie??


OK, first off, I can't confront anyone about anything.

Second, she's not a stranger. We've had her for years. I've even left my kids with her on occasion. And this had to be as far from fondling as imaginable -- you can't imagine how tight and neat and obsessively arranged these bundles were.

That's my story, and I'm sticking with it. ;-)


Hmm..I kept waiting to read " I can't fire her because she's my sister, mother, ..whatever. I don't get it.


No, I'm just a wuss.


"She's my sister... my mother... my sister... my mother..."

Forget it, Karen. It's Cleaningladytown.

(fade out...)


TwoBusy: mwahahahaha! Good one.

Karen: I totally understand your wussitude. I can't confront anyone about anything either.

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