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March 17, 2007



I liked Batman Begins, and Christian Bale does nothing for me either - it's something about his mouth or the way he talks that's the big turn-off.


Funny about Christian Bale. We sat down to watch "The Prestige" last night and we were thinking "OK, that's Hugh Jackman, and the other guy is.... who is that?" He makes very little impression.

I love movies about magic and thoroughly enjoyed "The Illusionist", but friends had told us "Prestige" was better. Not. I thought that "Illusionist" created a better atmosphere, underscored the wonder of magic without going so deeply into the mechanics and told a much better story. If you have to retell the entire story in the last five minutes to tie it all together, something is really wrong.

On the plus side, great to see Michael Caine and, especially, David Bowie as Nikola Tesla.


BOWIE is in it???? When does he show up? I haven't returned the disc yet, so I plan to fast-forward to that part. Thanks for the tip.

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