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March 07, 2007



If you were living in the UK, Julie would already be at school full time - and maybe even in my class!


I was at that same place by the time number 2 hit kindergarden...except I was too chicken to say that I didn't remember....so I lied. I did the same thing with the exact dates on the immunization sheets...I knew that she was was current on her shots...so it's OK....isn't it?


You will be utterly disgusted to learn that here in Florida, they test children for "gifted" before kindergarten. Who needs that kind of pressure??? We lived in NC and my kids were tested and placed in 3rd grade, so they were "grandfathered" in when we moved back to Florida. But around here, you have people who will tell you their children are in "gifted" before they tell you their last name. They can reel off their kids' IQ's like I can reel off my Visa card (along with expiration date and that little three digit code on the back).

Does anyone else remember when "we" were in school and there was ONE standardized test a year? You never knew when it was...you just came to school one day and they handed you a #2 pencil and off you went. Parents never got the results. They never had pep rallies to kick off the SIX DAYS of testing.

I still remember a friend of mine, after getting her daughter's results, saying, "She is in the 99th percentile in English and the 90th percentile in Math. But we knew she was having a problem in Math." Having a problem??? She's doing better than 90% of the kids who were tested...I think she will get by!

I know I'm ranting, but my daughter is about to go to high school and I wouldn't be at all surprised if, by the time she is a junior, there are bumper stickers here in Boca saying, "My child got a 1600 on the SAT's" or "My child was accepted early admission to Florida." And I've even heard of people hiring consultants for $20K to get their children into certain schools!

OK...I'll stop now. This could be a future Thursday Thirteen...13 things I hate about the educational system today!


Oh...I'm sorry. I can't help myself! If a child doesn't test into the gifted program, the parents have the option of having the child tested privately. So they go pay a psychologist $600 to test the child...and guess what? No, you will never guess. Yes...the child is gifted!!! So the school is forced to accept the child into the gifted program where he/she will struggle and not be able to keep up with the pace of learning that is structured specifically for kids who are in fact intellectually gifted!!!AAAARRRRGGGGHHHHHH!

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