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March 11, 2007



I'm fascinated by this whole subject. With google-like searching and lots of metadata tags on everything, knowledge has become less tree-shaped and more .. web/cloud shaped. one cool thing I like about some tagging schemes is that the owner/authorisn't the only one who gets to tag the thing. Other people get to say what it is, not just the creator. Flickr is a really good example of this, i think. And del.icio.us, although I have never really got into the habit of using that one.


I stopped tagging because it looks messy and cluttered. Is that incredibly shallow? Am I missing out on scads of readers because of it? I tagged my posts when I used typepad -- it was fairly easy to do so -- but since I switched to wp, I don't. I find blogs on other blogs (I found yours on 50 Books, I think), and rarely do I use tag searches as I find them wholly unnecessary. I tag photos on Flickr, though, but that has to do with the general lack of text I tend to provide with each picture. (And my flickr tags are fairly boring: cat, tree, etc...)


If it's shallow, then count me in -- I don't like the clutter either.

I'm likely to be the last person on the planet to have a flickr account, but if I ever do, I'll revisit the tag idea.

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