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March 13, 2007



I am exhausted--but I traveled from WA to Florida via Dallas this past weekend for a gymnastics meet, and then back, in the midst of this hour (pointless?) time change. Thus, I am ready for bed at about 7 o'clock!


::raises hand:: Me! Me! Me! I can't stand it. I just can't wake up and then I drag all day.


Oh. My. G-d. Exhausted. Though, it just happened that I started with my new trainer at the same time DST went into effect - and we meet at 6:30 AM! So not only am I deprived of sleep, but I'm spending an hour working out and THEN having to run 3 miles while it's STILL DARK outside.

YES - more than usually tired.

After my second workout, I vomited. Nice.


It is funny how one little hour can make such a difference, no?


6:30?! I can't even make a fist at that hour. No wonder you threw up.


I didn't think it was physically possible to consume more latte than Starbucks can produce, but hey, thanks DST!
And the kids' schedules are all whacked out as well - they're stumbling around glassy-eyed by dinnertime.

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