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March 09, 2007



No house AND no clothes! Definitely.


Another board game we recently discovered is Sequence. Quick (I rarely can handle the marathon that is Monopoly or Risk), and it depends as much on luck as skill. Kind of a combo of poker and bingo, and I forget how old your kids are but ds8 had no problem with it. Very addictive!


Get a game called "Apples to Apples" It's a blast and even though our daughter wasn't quite old enough to understand some of the words/phrases included in the game play, she played it well and had fun. There is also a junior version.


In our family, we play a version of 20 questions called "Friend, Relative, or Famous Person" that I learned from my aunt when we took a long trip together when I was little. My 5 year old LOVES this game, although she tends to pick the same friends over and over again! I can usually narrow it down with just a few questions (girl/boy? adult/child? do they live in (insert state)? but a few times she has gotten creative - it took me awhile to guess when she chose GOD! We will have to try Animal 20 questions for some variety! Thanks for the idea! :)

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