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March 22, 2007



Jealous! I'll have to hit Schaumberg soon.


Funny, I did find my first trip to one (New Haven) very overwhelming. I haven't been back. It could have been because I had to tote around my slightly uncooperative 2-year-old ... he wasn't eligible for dropoff at their kid zone. An incentive to potty train, I guess.


I pine for my first time so that some day I can give up my Ikea cherry.


Oh my goodness! You've been deprived for this long? I didn't realize you lived in the Arctic.


I just did an IKEA kitchen... which meant approximately 1017 trips to my local Atlanta IKEA. I still love the store but have a new disdain for the smell of cinnamon rolls.

And the kitchen is fantastic - especially for just $15k including the install.


I'm so glad you liked it. Some people resent the way the store is carefully laid out so you have to pass through every "room", like a maze. But I really liked meandering through, getting ideas.

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