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April 10, 2007



Someone emailed and asked me to do this recently. You and I agree on 1 and 8; rather than Garp, though, I picked A Prayer for Owen Meany. Maybe I should've put them both on the list! (I ran out of spaces, though.)


Of your list, I would concur wholeheartedly on Bel Canto and The Poisonwood Bible (I still remember exactly where I was sitting when I finished it)...but would change the Irving to A Prayer for Owen Meany. I fought Owen for years...but when I finally succumbed, it was delightful!!!

I don't know if I can do what you have done. I think I have done it for the books I've read since I started keeping a journal in 1997...but how do you compare Little Women (which I read time and time again) with Antarctic Navigations or The Outsiders (which I recently re-read when my son read it) with A Fine Balance?


Funny - I just read Poisonwood Bible. It is great - possibly one of the top ten for me. I'm reading Bel Canto now and it is fabulous. I will try to compile my top ten - I'll let you know what they are. I know The Angle of Repose by Wallace Stegner will be on it.


Aargh! Jane Austen. I remember reading Emma in college and bitching about it nonstop... one day, I came back to my room and discovered that my roommate had made a noose out of a shoelace and lynched my copy of the book.

I let it hang there for days.


Love Irving. Have read and like most your choices and will try to read the rest since we seem to have similar tastes. I could never pick my top 10. Though Tristram Shandy would make it.

Peter C.

Just finished bel canto and really loved it.What an original and well told story. i must get magician's assistant now. loved catcher in the rye! honestly, i found poisonwood bible irritating. For me Kingsolver has a subtly preachy tone that grows tiresome after a hundred pages or so. i couldn't finish it. I know i'm in the minority regarding her. One of my all time favorites is Crossing to Safety by Wallace Stegner. Also Life of Pi was an absolute winner for me. I want to name my next cat Richard Parker. Take care Ms. Blogger.

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