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April 09, 2007



This is funny -- I have a Japanese friend who doesn't wear any makeup, but she just LOVES Sephora. Any time she's been up to Vancouver, B.C. she can't wait to visit the Sephora store and buy cosmetics -- that she never wears. I kind of scratch my head about that, because why buy it if you're not going to wear it? So I give you credit for actually trying it out! (But what is it about that store?)


Good luck with the O-Glow. My "natural blush" is quite hideous as I resemble an overzealous clown when I blush. Thanks for the tip, but I'll have to pass on this one.

I'm not much of a makeup wearer either. I sport a tad of eye makeup during the day to give the appearance of being awake.


Guess what. I used stuff like this back in the late 70's, blush gel that turned color. Nothing new under the sun, huh? Except that striped cheeks aren't in fashion like they used to be. (Check out old "Love Boat" epidsodes, kiddies.)


That's why this stuff is different -- or at least seems so. It doesn't end up looking stripey, just natural. Ish.

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