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May 07, 2007



In other words...you've become your grandmother? Join the club. I've been my grandmother for about ten years.


Join the club. I just have reading glasses in most rooms of the house---I can wear the magnifiers (2.25 so don't feel so old) and buy them at the dollar store for $1.


Except that you're not already wearing REALLY strong contacts for farsightedness! Sigh.


I am hideously nearsighted -- before high-index lenses, my glasses hurt my ears after just a short time -- and I have been fortunate enough not to have developed the reading glasses problem yet, BUT I hear that it's possible to get weighted bifocal contact lenses, with the reading glasses part built in. You might should ask your ophthamologist.


Not the beaded chain! Why don't you just check yourself into a nursing home and be done with it.


I'm with Brooke - no beaded chains!

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