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May 05, 2007



Yay for good food, boo for bad waitstaff. There used to be a restaurant here in Milwaukee where the waiters and waitresses were so rude they would openly mock you when you asked what the special was or where the restroom was. It was part of their schtick. The place was called Ed Debevic's and it closed in 2001. There is still one in Chicago, I think.


We have a place here in Boston called Durgin Park that is also famous for its rude waitresses, but it's more of a touristy gimmick than the real thing. This guy was totally full of himself and arrogant.


had a similar experience at 51 lincoln, great food, arrogant service. maybe they train them to be that way? reminds me of a restaurant in p-town called "cafe blasse", and the staff are, in fact, quite blasse. perhaps 51 lincoln should be renamed "51 attitudes" or something similar.

i've been reading your maytag experience posts with a horrible sense of de ja vu; we had the same kind of deal with a maytag fridge we got at home depot. it never froze any of the frozen good i put in it ($220 worth of dream dinners), guy came 3 times over a 2 month period to "repair" it, and at one point--and karen, only you could believe this one--he told me that "the freezer is not designed to FREEZE things, only to keep things cold that are already frozen." After the 3 visits that yielded water in the icecube tray every time he left, my husband loaded the fridge into the back of a friend's truck, drove it back to the home depot from whence he had purchased it, deposited on their front walkway, got a manager, and said "here's your refrigerator back. I'd like a new one. YOU deal with Maytag.". Several managers later, and faced with an angry customer literally on their doorstep, they took it back and he drove off with a new one from a different manufacturer. And this one actually FREEZES things! What a concept!


Well, I'm glad to hear you confirm my experience (suggesting that it wasn't just my imagination), but I have to admit I was half hoping we'd just hit the place on a bad night. I probably will go back sometime, but I'm not in any hurry.

And, oh oh oh on your Maytag experience! So your repairman would suggest you go to the store and BUY ice and then bring it home to keep it frozen in your freezer???? Good for your husband, meanwhile. And good for Home Depot.


Wow, good to know. If the food is good enough, I'll always give a place a second chance, but my SO definitely won't.

Does the space look very different from when it was Le Soir?

We had dinner tonight at Sel de la Terre, kind of spur of the moment. It is busy and a bit loud but I have never been disappointed in the food or the service.


I expect you and amy to continue to test restaurants so that when I come up there this summer we can eat somewhere fabulous! My almost-veg friend amy who loves me even when I order the oh-so-un-PC foie gras...I tested this twice in Savannah...will have her input, you will have yours and maybe we can have a battle of the blogged-about bistros!


Arrogant service drives me [email protected]%#@ bonkers. If I'm out at a nice restaurant, I want to have a good time -- not deal with some arrogant SOB barely hiding his disgust at the fact that I may actually have a question or two.

Your dinner - in terms of the food - sounds intriguing. However, I don't know that I'm really eager to pay +/- $150 for the privilege of walking out of a restaurant thoroughly annoyed with my experience. (Especially when I know I can walk next door to Baker's Best and have good eats with no hassles (beyond lines) at a fraction of the cost.)


I'm willing to allow for anyone to have a bad night, and it's not as if the waiter ruined our experience (we've had that happen before, too), but the fact that all of the waitstaff seemed so sullen doesn't bode well. Hell, what do I know, maybe they'd all just gotten a reaming-out from the chef or something. Really nice food, though! And I wasn't paying. :-)

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