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May 08, 2007



Go, alstroemerias! I regularly keep them around my house. I already had some at home, so passed them up at Trader Joe's today (Go, Trader Joe's!) in favor of some big, fat, incredibly cheap sunflowers.

Alstroemerias (sp?) are also known as Peruvian lilies, and it makes me wonder if these are shipped in from South America, seeing as they're a somewhat new flower on the American market. Anyone know? If so, I feel kind of bad using all that transportation energy just so I can have pretty flowers. But yeah, they have set a new floral standard for beauty and endurance, haven't they?


The morning of my wedding I went to the local grocery store to find out what I was going to have in my bouquet ... and fell in love with these. They were red and white and beautiful. My maid of honor took them and made a gorgeous bouquet of them. I'll always love them, even if that was one of about 5 times I've actually seen them in that store.

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